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In addition to the standard curriculum study areas, Orbost Secondary College offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra curricula programs to further enrich their education.

College Production

Almost every year the college provides students with the opportunity to participate in the school production. Students firstly audition, and are then cast in character roles. After sufficient rehearsal time, the cast performs the finished piece (usually three night performances) to a local audience of staff, parents and interested members of the wider community.

Being involved in the production requires students to attend after school rehearsals, and also spend some of their lunchtimes learning songs, dances and running through the acting in scenes. This valuable experience sees students take responsibility for managing their time and commitment to ensure the show comes together.

In September 2018, Orbost Secondary College presented ‘Villain School’. Around 22 students made up the cast of this production and audiences were treated to 'mischievous mayham and thrilling romance at a school for the most villainous characters around.’

“This year has been one of my favourite productions. It was a really great experience!” – Abby (Beatrix)

“This has been a fun play. I like my hump, but it is a bit bumpy” – Lokan (Quasimodo)

"It was my first play and I had an awesome time pretending to be someone else!" - Eleanora (Pick)



Students in Year 10 are offered the opportunity to compete in the Rotary Inter-town debate versus Lakes Entrance Secondary College. Students develop their skills in class and through extra tuition. The school has been successful in issues such as asylum seekers, climate change and Gen Y. The debate is organised in co-operation with Rotary in Term 3 of each year.

Sister School Program

Our school is fortunate to participate in the Victorian Government’s ‘China sister school partnership’ program. The aim of this unique program is to allow small, rural Victorian schools with limited cultural diversity, to experience another culture through activities such as student reciprocal visits and language learning.

A very successful trip to China in March 2017 saw 18 students and three staff experience an amazing 11 day adventure. Over the course of the visit they explored three largely populated cities, visited numerous awe inspiring landmarks and participated in a myriad of activities.

In July 2017 we welcomed, in turn, 2 staff and 10 students from our sister school Yuhang Linping No 5 Middle School to Orbost. Although it was only a short stay, this event has certainly had a significant impact on our school by promoting awareness and acceptance of other cultures through personal connection. By having Chinese students visit our school and stay with local families, we were able to allow all of our staff, students and families to gain first-hand knowledge of another culture. We aim to continue our relationship with Yuhang Linping No 5 Middle School and look forward to future visits.


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