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Student Wellbeing

Our college provides a range of services and supports to ensure all students are ready to learn when they walk into a classroom. A happy and healthy engaged student with a positive, ‘can do’ attitude is paramount for future academic success and successful transition to adulthood.

Our Student Wellbeing Team consists of members from our sub-school leadership teams, a school nurse, school chaplain and a Koorie Education Support Officer.

Additionally, our team works closely with other regular visiting professionals including adolescent counsellors and a psychologist, all of whom work to meet the needs of individual students.

A key focus of our team is proactive educational programs including resilience building, anti-bullying, stress and anxiety management, peer group issues, cyber safety and social media awareness. In conjunction with our Health and PE teachers, we also provide education on diet and nutrition, drug and alcohol issues, sexuality education and mental health awareness.

Students may see one of our Wellbeing Team members at recess or lunch time or by appointment at all other times.

Parents, please feel free to contact the college to discuss issues that may be useful for us to know to support your child’s learning and engagement.


School Nurse - Elizabeth Barnes
School Chaplain - Bridget Westaway
Koorie Education Support Officer - Lynette Solomon-Dent
Middle Sub-School - Terry Gladstone, Al Gribble, Phoebe Porter
Senior Sub-School - Adam Ilton, Taryn Farley, Kathleen Alexander


Arnold St

Orbost VIC 3888

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